Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Bonus List: Top Five Super Bowl Commercials of 2005

(If you want to see the commercials, go here, and click on the titles.)

Honorable Mention: Pepsi's "Music Under the Cap" ad. Just for the part where the guy's in the bathroom singing, "I'm a hustler, baby!" when his boss walks in. That was pretty good.

Best TV show ad: "24"--"It is costing us $2.4 million dollars to tell you about the best show on television...and it's worth every penny." Dang straight.

5. Diet Pepsi's "Staying Alive": When the guy walked, the women followed. When he stopped, the women stopped. Kinda funny. Bonus points for Cindy Crawford and the song. Some ask me where I get my strut. It's because sometimes when I walk into a room, I hear "Staying Alive" in my head. You think I'm joking.

4. FedEx/Kinko's "Top Ten": Juvenile? Yes. Silly? Yes. But come on, Burt Reynolds being kicked in the crotch by a talking bear? Inspired. Maybe insipid, too. But it worked for me.

3. The Careerbuilder.com "Monkey" ads: I've got nothing but love for CareerBuilder, since that was the site that listed my current job. And, as juvenile as it was, watching the guy shrug and roll his eyes and put up with the fart jokes and other stuff that the monkeys were doing, because he's their employee... that's funny stuff.

2. Ameriquest, "Bad Kitty": The look on the guy's face, when she comes in and he realizes he's holding a huge knife...and the girlfriend's cat... covered in red stuff. Holy crap, that's funny.

And the number one...

1. Anheuser Busch, "Honoring Our Troops": Holy. freaking. crap. So good. I saw it again yesterday, and teared up just like I did the first time. These people are heroes. Let's treat them like it. I don't drink, but if I did, this commercial would have stolen my business from anyone else. Because that's class.

Okay, okay--your turn. Let's hear your choices.

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