Thursday, July 28, 2005

That's right, it's time for everyone's favorite PBB game...

"Re-Captioning Harry Potter photos!" (See here.)

This week's photos:

Photo #1: "That's what we need--MORE hair in the face!!!"

Photo #2: "Tell me to 'brood' one more time, and I'll give you suck a smack!"

Photo #3: Harry takes on a second job as a tutor for first-years: "What's this word, class? 'Marvolo'--very good!"

(Less-funny Alternate): Riddle me this, Potter!

Photo #4: "We're posing for this picture again?!?"

Photo #5: As punishment, Harry is forced to scrub out the aviary. The owls are especially messy these days.

Photo #6: Wait, what is this?!? Geez, this must be from the "Director's Cut" or something. Look away, kids. I guess the subject matter IS getting more mature.

Photo #7: Sorry, kiddo, Superman Returns has already been cast, and Bale signed on for two more Bat-films. Maybe next time.

As always, links from MSN Entertainment. (Please don't sue me.)

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