Friday, July 08, 2005

Friday Link Dump

[As usual, I forget where I get half of these. If this came from your site, or you know where you saw it last, drop me a comment, and I'll attribute accordingly. Thanks.]

  • What was Number One on the Pop Charts the day you were born? Now you can find out.
  • This is an important resource for regular bloggers, such as myself. Something to consider.
  • You've heard the overzealous music reviews, where critics slobber all over their pet band of the week. Here's a clearinghouse of some of the worst examples. Kinda funny. (Via Sheila)
  • The always brilliant Lileks takes on the diet soda industry and its malformed offspring in this great Strib column. A must-read.
  • Check out the trailer to the new Cameron Crowe film, "Elizabethtown." Looks like this year's "Garden State."

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