Thursday, July 21, 2005

Thursday Mini-Link-Dump

  • If you're not checking out Hip Clicks, you should. ...On second thought, don't, because that's where most of my stuff comes from.
  • I watched the Shopgirl trailer again this week. I know, I know, I already mentioned this. But it looks really good.
  • Speaking of trailers, here's one for "Just Like Heaven." Looks like a crappy Ghost-like romantic comedy (They hate each other! One of them is a ghost! Hijinks ensue!!!), but I may see it just to see Napoleon Dynamite's Jon Heder in another role. His "cola" quote at the end of the trailer made me laugh mucho, just because it's him.
  • The fine folks at YTMND ("You're the man now, dog!") have made us laugh with the original Sean Connery bit and the Captain Picard bit. Here are two more I found: Wonka and Boomhauer. If you venture further into the site, you're on your own. (Caution: LOUD.)
  • I'll be posting mine in the near future. You bloggers should do yours. (Via Myles)

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