Wednesday, July 06, 2005


in the meantime
i'll go to work and church.
i'll write my book
and teach the Word.
i'll go to the movies and to
baseball games, and sometimes,
i'll hit the road,
basking in the silence of
seclusion and using it
as another chance to have
communion with the Unseen.

in the meantime
i will spend as much time
with my family as i can,
taking advantage of every chance
to spin my baby sister around until she
squeals, to take my kid sister to
the midnight movie of the week,
to watch the news with my father,
to do my mother's chores.
i will do these things to show them that
i know they are blessings bestowed,
and if they move away, i will
pray for them daily, as i remain
here in this house-town, this
boiling, bustling city
full of road cones and memory.

in the meantime
i will live my full life,
and i will do my best to
not feel like i'm biding time,
wasting time, killing time,
in the meantime before
i find you.

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