Monday, July 11, 2005

PBB Cool Ten (7/10-7/16)

10. 43-44, going into the All-Star Break. 12.5 games behind the Cards, 3rd in the division behind Houston (how about their amazing play lately?), and 6 games back in the Wild Card. Coming off an abysmal June, the only shining element after getting swept a few times was sweeping Florida in Florida. Take that, you rotten Marlins! All-Star first baseman Derrek Lee (feels good to say that!) hits his 26th and 27 HRs of the year. His career high HR mark? 32 for an entire season. Something tells me that, barring injury (knocking on Wood), he'll top that.
9. Oh, yeah, and Nomar's back August 1. Bring it.
8. Halfway through "The Last Battle." So good. Sad that I'm almost done with CoN.
7. Jason Mraz, on certain tracks, sounds like a cross between Rufus and Jamie. That's cool.
6. Mmmm. Joseph Arthur.
5. Hopefully, Yancey will eventually tell me what's so amazing about grace. (As if I didn't know.)
4. It actually rained here this weekend. That was cool.
3. What's with all these great-looking movies suddenly being released? Check out the trailer for Shopgirl. Based on Steve Martin's book. Screenplay by Martin. Starring Martin, Jason Schwartzman, and Claire Danes. Great soundtrack. Looks great.
2. Spent several hours last night chilling with The Bearded One and his beloved AP. We discussed The Dark Tower, Christian music and its politics, and what's happening with "Taylor House," among other things. One thing I thought was hilarious--both Trev and Amanda were wearing tee-shirts promoting Trev's eponymous web page. "WWW Dot TrevorTaylor Dot Com," emblazoned in iron-on lettering. It got me thinking. Once i get my own domain, I'm doing tee-shirts too. And maybe trucker hats.
2b. Strike that about trucker hats.
1. Yesterday was my first Sunday as a SunSco teacher. It went reasonably well. More later.

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