Thursday, September 09, 2004

Political Intrigue at its Finest

The question has arisen: Were the new documents presented in the Boston Globe and CBS's "60 Minutes" forgeries?

Before you scoff at this as the latest attempt of the "Right-Wing Attack Machine" to misdirect the American public, take a look at some of the arguments. Particularly the typesetting argument, the super-script argument, and the curious issue with the signatures.

If this were being argued in court, these documents would be thrown out. There's more than enough reasonable doubt...if you're willing to be reasonable, that is. Too bad most folks aren't.

Write this off as more Republican tomfoolery if you will (and some of you lovely folks will!), but all I'm saying is, if the party shoe were on the other foot--the left one--Al Franken would have positively popped with rage by now, and Michael Moore would already be starting work on his next agit-prop piece, this time about Karl Rove's villainous band of forgers.

UPDATE: Say Anything does a neat trick with superimposing the documents. Fun things to try at home.

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