Friday, September 03, 2004

I will not.

I will not discuss politics.

I will not talk about the RNC, recently finished.

I will not interpret poll results.

I will not talk about the protesters, the arrests, the violence.

I will not cast aspersions.

I will not analyze the President's speech, and lament how everyone hears what they want to hear.

I will not read any more blog posts about last night. Those I have read have made me angry, on the whole. Bitter. Frustrated. Tired.

I will not name names or drop hints. I will not call out the people with whome I disagree so greatly.

I will not punch my cubicle wall, because people I hold to be intelligent and insightful descend into vitriol, and it frustrates the hell out of me.

I will try not to antagonize.

I will not let my frustration, my feelings of being caged and surrounded, overwhelm me.

I will not go quietly into that dark blue night.

I will not let my guard down.

I will not apologize for believing what I do.

I will not shy away from a fight, when one is called for.

I will not look for fights, either.

I will not discuss politics today.

I will not discuss politics for the next several days.

I will go outside, look at clouds, sit on the bench, and breathe.

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