Thursday, September 02, 2004

"The man in black fled across the desert..."

"...and the gunslinger followed."

Thus begins the epic quest for the Dark Tower, that reaches its final stage on September 21.

I've been a fan of Stephen King's Dark Tower epic for a few years. I was first introduced to the story in college (thank you Trevor!), and quickly devoured the first four books. But there was a gap. He had stopped at four, but the story wasn't finished.

Then came King's now famous car accident. According to the foreword of the Revised and Expanded Edition of The Gunslinger, he realized that he couldn't let the tale of Roland's quest for the Tower go unfinished. Last November, he released Book Five. This past June, he released Book Six. And on the 21st of this month, the final volume will hit the shelves.

In anticipation of this event, I began rereading the books. And since I can't figure out how to put something relevant on the sidebar, I'll keep a running tally up in the posts, to let you know how my own quest for the Tower is proceeding.

So, here it is.

The Dark Tower, Volume One: The Gunslinger
The Dark Tower, Volume Two: The Drawing of the Three
The Dark Tower, Volume Three: The Wastelands
The Dark Tower, Volume Four: Wizard and Glass
The Dark Tower, Volume Five: Wolves of the Calla
The Dark Tower, Volume Six: Song of Susannah
The Dark Tower, Volume Seven: The Dark Tower

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