Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Mixed-bag Muh-- Um, Tuesday...

Four trivial items, and one serious one.

Point One: The final installment of the Dark Tower Series came out today. Long live the King. I'll be headed to Walmart after work to pick up my copy. (And yes, Kelly, I'll explain it all to you eventually.)

Point Two: I'm having taco salad for lunch, which always makes my day better.

Point Three: The Song of Solomon conference is coming to OBU. Readers in the Shawnee/OKC area, you really ought to go to this. I went last March and it was fantastic. Wonderful. Lots of fun. So really, go. Especially if you're in a serious/engaged relationship (I'm looking at you, Ledesma.) I can't emphasize this enough. So helpful, so interesting. Good stuff. And you can't beat twenty bucks (that's half of what I paid). And the speaker is really cool.

Point Four: Actually, this may not be trivial to those of you involved. It seems that the alma mater is facing a financial shortfall. A hefty one. While I could make some sort of snarky comment about cushioned chapel seats and other needless renovations, and the fact that the administration doesn't realize that constant tuition hikes tend not to bring more students in, I won't. I'll only fisk two statements in the article.

First, the reporter states that the financial restructuring "entails the elimination of some faculty and staff positions and discontinuing some academic services for students." So make sure to say goodbye to your favorite profs and staff, kiddies, because by next fall, they might not be there. And all you crazy Theatre kids had better enjoy your funding while ye may, because you can guarantee that your budget will be one of the first ones on the chopping block, as Madame DeBrister knits away.

Second, a few sentences later, the report assures us that none of the 16 sports programs are in jeopardy. Whew! That's a relief. Because if funding is getting cut, academic services are being taken away, and faculty and staff are being let go, the LAST thing I'd want is to lose the sports. One word, kids: perspective.

So, sorry, fellow Bison: brace yourbadselves for yet another tuition increase. And probably a big one.

Point Five: Actually, this will get a post of its own. Serious matters require their own posts.

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