Friday, September 10, 2004

Bring on the Avalanche

More fallout from the CBS memo hoax, or as some have started calling it, "Forgery-gate":

Powerline Blog and Little Green Footballs are the ones who broke this story open (as far as I can tell). They're still keeping current updates on related events. Go there, and show your respect.

Instapundit has been hitting this hard over the past evening.

Command Post has been keeping on top of this. So has Ken Summers at Second Breakfast.

For those who don't trust the blogging world, here's the AP story on the controversy.

CNN is running the AP version; here's the FNC story.

CBS is purportedly sticking to its guns. Rather is defending the story. But there are rumors that an internal investigation is already underway.

ABC News ran the story on Nightline last night. Here's the ABC News version.

Here's the Washington Post account. The WP is reportedly going to run a story on this on the front page tomorrow. So is the New York Post.

And the hits just keep on coming.

...Is it wrong that I'm enjoying this so immensely? Because I'm positively giddy.

All I can say is, hoo-ah for the freakin Blogosphere. We (okay, okay--they) kick so much ass.

UPDATE: CBS is launching no investigation. Also, with apologies to Malkin, I like "Rathergate" better. If only I could make the "th" superscript. (Hat tip--Greg Ransom.)

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