Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Steeltown Blog #3: "I see a red door and I want to paint it black..."

So here's the whole story.

I went down to the lobby to meet my co-worker the first evening. She comes over to me, sits down, and freaks out.


Yeah. Then, a few minutes later, a small group of people rush in through the lobby and into the posh restaurant in the back. I thought it was this guy; Co-worker swears it was this one.

She freaks out more; I'm less excited. (I mean, it's not like they're...you know.)

Co-worker buys me a Guinness. I take one sip and hand it back. Beer is yucky.

Evening #2. Co-worker says, "Come have a drink with me at the hotel bar." I agree. We walk in. Grab drinks. (I have a weak "Cape Cod," and then Coke the rest of the night. Or rather, since we were in PA, "pop." But it really was Coke, so it counts to call it that. Anywho.) Then, out of the blue, in strolls two of the band members (or one original member and one member of the tour band). At least one was the drummer. He was quiet. Not sure who the other one was, exactly, but he was drunk, loud, and funny. I tried to be cool and secretly snap pictures. Didn't want to get thrown out, don't ya know.

Finally we mosey over to the end of the bar, and there are two bar stools in between me and the drummer. I think this is cool, even if I'm not a huge fan. Because he's been around the world and played for millions of people. That's neat.

The guy from the lobby comes in, says something to the two of them and leaves. Ten or fifteen minutes go by. The plasma screen TVs above the bar are playing the Pirates game (baseball, for you uninitiated). Then, all of the sudden, the TV camera pans the stadium "suites" and there he is--the guy from the lobby. Waving and grinning like an idiot.

It's surreal to see someone on TV mere minutes after seeing them in person.

The two celebrities sit and drink, the quiet one quietly, the loud one loudly. The quiet one kept to himself, smoking and occasionally looking up at the TV or over at his friend. The loud one is sittnig next to a woman who appeared to be in her late 40's to early 50's. I think she was one of their wives. He kept telling loud stories, laughing heartily, and talking to people nearby (but never us).

Finally, they both had to leave. Then we left, since the show was over, so to speak.

They were gone by the next night. Turns out they had another gig.

There it is. Not very exciting. But something.

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