Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Brief Update and Linky Love

The Pittsburgh series of posts will come Thursday, I'm thinking. Expect four or five.

In the meantime, I have a big meeting tomorrow (the "Big Ugly") that will prevent substantive posting. Hopefully, I can keep you entertained until then.

[Note: I love the word "substantive" for some reason. I use it often, as you can tell. I actually saw it on one of your blogs a while back--jane's, maybe--and it made me smile. Even if I didn't really cause that, I'm still taking credit for it.]

So here's some stuff to keep you crazy kids busy.


If you have a chance, I highly recommend picking up the latest issue of Spin Magazine (the one with Death Cab 4 Cutie on the cover), and only incidentally for the issue itself, which includes an article about Elijah Wood and his new film, as well as several other interesting pieces. The MAIN reason to pick up the issue is the AMAZING sampler CD that comes with it. No, seriously--AMAZING. DC4C, Nada Surf, Bloc Party, John Vanderslice, and others. Go, today. Drop the four bucks, and pick up the CD. I'm totally serious about this.


Speaking of music, here's some links for rad online music streaming:

The "Elizabethtown" soundtrack, as I've mentioned
The new Franz Ferdinand album
Alicia Keys' upcoming "Unplugged" album


Speaking of soundtracks, here's an essay by Cameron Crowe about the creation of a good movie soundtrack.


This story made me laugh, and made me proud. Soldiers kick ass.


Totally shaking my head about this one. I mean, I got love for the mythology, too, but...really?!?


Want to send a "shout-out", as the kids say, to two amazing cool people I used to have the honor of hanging out with. If you've never met the Joneses, well, that's your misfortune. (By the way, Chris--I finally tried Guinness. I didn't like it, honestly--but then again, I hate beer of all kinds, so this shouldn't surprise you.)


I may shock and infuriate some people with this decision, but I feel I must make it:

I'm jumping on the Astros' bandwagon, and cheering for them through the playoffs.

I know, I know, I may be betraying everything that I believe in by doing this, but think of it this way: the enemy of my Enemy is my friend.

So, yeah, I'm picking the 'Stros to win the Big Show. And apparently, I'm not alone.

So, all of you fellow longsuffering Cubbie fans, forgive me for not immediately plunging with you into another long offseason of despair and bitterness. I swear, by early November, I'll be back to my Astro-hating ways. But I'd like to try to enjoy the post-season again, if only for a little while.


By the way, the Texans make my heart sad.

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