Monday, October 24, 2005

Monday Afternoon Linky-dinky

I've decided that "linky-love" should be reserved for people, instead of pages. So, no "linky-love" per say. But fun stuff, to be sure.
  • Time's book critics list their choices for the 100 best novels "of all time" (actually, of the last 82 years, and only those written in English). I've read only 12 of them all the way through, and read part or half of four more (The Crying of Lot 49, Things Fall Apart, Wide Sargasso Sea, and On the Road; i'm still going to finish the first and last of those, sometime). Discuss, argue, submit your own choices.
  • Time also listed their picks for the top ten graphic novels of all time (originally in English). I've read parts of a few of them. Thoughts? [H-t for both: Hip Clicks]
  • Say Anything asks, "Did you ever wonder what it would be like to pop a water balloon in space?" Well, now we know.
  • Distressing news for a city that I have recently grown quite fond of.
  • David Edelstein takes a crowbar to Steve Martin's upcoming film "Shopgirl." Well, I was looking forward to seeing it. (But then again, "they" were wrong about "Elizabethtown," weren't they?)
  • Oooh, writer-fight. (So I bet Ben Marcus is pissed that Franzen made the Time list, huh?)
  • Leigh Nash (formerly of Sixpence None the Richer) has a MySpace blog with songs--at least that's what I'm told. The network here at work has decided to block the site, thinking it's a dating/personals site. So, I guess, lemme know if the songs are any good.
  • Everyone keeps talking about this John Vanderslice guy. I heard a track of his recently--good stuff. Just found out that he has MP3's to share. Go nuts. (Disclaimer: haven't checked them out yet. So, downloader beware.) [H-t: Hip Clicks]

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