Monday, October 10, 2005

PBB Cool Ten (10/9-10/15) "Best...Ever" Edition (With Parenthetical Commentary)

10. Best. Seasonal Breakfast Cereal. Ever. (That's how you know it's October.)
9. Best. Reason to Stop Watching Pro Football. Ever. (They make me weep.)
8. Best. Internet Comic Site involving Homicidal Bunnies. Ever. (They make me laugh.)
7. Best. Upcoming Cameron Crowe Movie. Ever. (I'm seeing it opening night, around ten-ish.)
6. Best. Combination Star Wars/Astros Reference. Ever. (Zapped the Braves with his finger-lightning.)
5. Best. Movie about a Wanna-be Rock Star that Stars Marky Mark. Ever. (purchased for five bucks at Wal-mart)
4. Best. Book Written By a Russian. Ever. (Half-way through, Manders--I may finish it by Christmas!)
3. Best. Playoff Game. Ever. (Holy freaking crap, that was a good game.)
2. Best. Friday. Ever? (Send good stuff, please.)
1. Best. Deity. Ever. (Amen.)

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