Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Wednesday Links (UPDATED. AGAIN.)

  • I found this this morning, thanks to MSN/Slate. Very interesting historical background on the actual quiz show scandals that inspired the very entertaining (and highly recommended) film.
  • Have you seen the full trailer for Star Wars Episode III? If not, check to make sure the boss is not around (where applicable), turn the volume up, and watch in on fullscreen mode. Holy. freaking. crap.
  • Speaking of new movie trailers, the new one for H2G2 is up. Don't panic.
  • My new favorite mil-blog: 365 and a Wake-up. Fight on, Thunder6. Godspeed and safe return.
  • You know those incredibly un-funny serial comic strips in the paper? Josh reads 'em for you. And provides biting and funny commentary. It's like a Saturday morning newspaper version of MST3K.
  • I liked this Relevant article, especially in light of our recent discussion about mudslinging within the Body.
  • Moment of beauty, provided by Jeremy

UPDATE: But this has to be the funniest thing I've seen in weeks. Enjoy.

SECOND UPDATE: Although this Strongbad email comes in at a close second.

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