Tuesday, March 22, 2005

New reading material, TH update, and a reluctant resolution

New reading material: There's a new review up at Better Than Critics. I still can't figure out how Trev does the picture, so it's sans poster image. But hopefully an interesting review of a film I didn't even expect to see, let alone discuss in public.

TH Update: I've been doing some re-evaluation, looking at character motivation and whatnot. I now have a pretty good idea of where the story's going, and I'll have the next chapter up on Friday, as promised. I'm excited. Be excited with me.

My reluctant resolution: Tomorrow, the plug is pulled (so to speak) on the TV. No TV for three weeks. Perhaps no videos, either. I need to clear my head, not to mention focus on taking care of business at home. Does this mean missing the end of March Madness? Yes. (ouch.) But it needs to be done. I'm shutting off my Blockbuster rental pass, too. No movies rented for a month, at least. Hopefully more. (And yes, it's a total coincidence that the end of my 3-week pseudo-fast from TV coincides with the resumption of new Smallville episodes, and the beginning of baseball season. total. coincidence.)

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