Tuesday, March 01, 2005

"In the locust wind, comes a rattle and hum..."

I have to confess something. As much of an avowed U2 fan as I am, I had never seen the documentary film "Rattle and Hum." Until yesterday.

Holy crap. So cool.

A few thoughts:

--They're so young! I mean, yeah, the film was made almost 17 years ago. But they look like babies. Makes me happy. And it's fun to remember that ultimately, Bono's a rock star. His onstage presence may have refined itself over the years, aging and improving like wine, but back in his heyday, he was juking and jiving and swinging his hair around with the best of them.

--The interview portions were great. Adam's thoughts about going to Graceland were really touching. "I just wish [Elvis] was buried somewhere I couldn't visit...instead of in the back yard."

--Favorite moment: In the middle of "Sunday Bloody Sunday," Bono starts ranting about Irish-Americans who praise "the revolution" conducted by the IRA in Northern Ireland. He rips apart this idea by asking, "Where's the honor in a father being dragged out of bed and shot in the head in front of his wife and children? Where's the honor in a bomb blowing up old folks who had come out for Remembrance Day, who'd dressed up and shined up their medals for the occasion? Everyone talks about the honor of dying for the Revolution. No one talks about killing for the Revolution." Damn right.

--Bono and B.B. King working on the lyrics for "When Love Comes to Town." Bono asks sheepishly if B.B. likes the song, and B.B. says, "I love this song. The lyrics are heavy, man. You're too young to be writing lyrics this heavy."

If you are a fan of the band, this is definitely worth your time and money. (Especially if you got a VHS copy for a buck at Half-Price, like I did!)

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