Monday, March 21, 2005

PBB "Cool Ten" for 3/20-3/26

10. Trev is about the start Book Seven of the greatest fiction series ever (that's not related to hobbits)!
9. Fifty? Fifty-plus comments? Yowsa. (granted, I was about a fifth of that.)
8. Have you been reading "Dialogues"? Intriguing stuff.
7. Watching The Incredibles with the family yesterday.
6. The end of the Rodeo means a return to sanity in my neighborhood.
5. New visitors in the past few weeks. Thanks for stopping by, y'all.
4. Finding out that yet another friend is getting married this year.
3. Seeing a great production of "Shadowlands." For free.
2. Hanging out with the Cains at House of Pies for over an hour afterwards.
1. I finally have an idea of where "Taylor House" is heading. Thank God for inspiration.

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