Monday, March 14, 2005

PBB Cool Ten for 3/13-3/19

10. IBC Root Beer, frosty, in a cooler of half-melted ice. That's cool.
9. "You see that? That's my 'booty' face." Heh.
8. Patrick Dempsey's in a new TV show. He's cool. I like his work.
7. Going to the rodeo. It wasn't bad. Pretty cool, actually.
7b. Do you realize how many attractive women go to the rodeo? I was shocked.
6. Motherless Brooklyn was really, really good. I highly recommend it.
5. Opening Day is in less than three weeks.
4. I'm going to see "Shadowlands" at Grace Theater, thanks to the Cains.
3. My mom's birthday is tomorrow. She's pretty cool.
2. The U2 concert sold out immediately...but I was first in line at my location so I got two (okay) tickets. That's right, kids--I'll be in the same building as (and less than 200 feet away from) Bono and the boys, this October. So that's really cool.
1. I taught the SunSco lesson yesterday on the Covenant Name of God, and how as Christians, we are part of the New Covenant, through the sacrifice of Jesus. And that is really really cool.

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