Monday, March 28, 2005

PBB Cool Ten (3/27-4/2)

(Update: New "retold parable" in next entry, below.)

10. This FoxNews headline just struck me as funny. I didn't even read the article--I just laughed at the headline.
9. Michigan State beat the #1 and #2 seeded teams in their bracket. Impressive.
8. Neuromancer is getting interesting. A tough book to get into, but entertaining.
7. It only took four days, but someone finally commented on Chapter 6. That's cool.
6. I got a new ball cap. Me likey.
5. If my church ever gives up on the whole "God" thing, they apparently could pull off a heckuva Laser Floyd show.
4. The best holiday candy EVER.
3. My pastor. Cool guy. I'll be sorry to see him retire next month.
2. Michael Card's "The Life" is a gorgeous and skillfully written album about the life of Christ. Very much a product of its time (late 80's CCM), it's still quite lovely. Heavily orchestral and choral. Good stuff. Highly recommended.

1. "He is not here; he has risen!"

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