Wednesday, October 25, 2006

What He Should Have Told Himself.

That 97% of the time, when you're bitten by the "luv" bug, it's no worse than a 24-hour virus, with rare occurences of lightheadedness and flushing. That time and conversation are the best way to dispel crushes. That he was probably just so excited at the possibility of being smitten by someone that he got, as the song goes, "hooked on a feeling." That he should really get to know the person more before getting so goofy about them. That a five-year age difference is still pretty large when you're in your twenties.

That he really really really shouldn't post everything going through his head, especially not stuff like this, lest he develop a reputation akin to Kittie Bennett. And no one takes Kittie seriously.

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