Monday, October 16, 2006

The PBB Cool Ten (10/15-10/21)

10. The Detroit Tigers. For only the third time in 15 years, I'm cheering for an AL team to win the Fall Classic (the others being the Twins in '91 and the BoSox in '04--mainly because I hate the Braves and The Enemy(TM) ). Go Tigers!
9. Podcasts. I currently have a few nice sermon podcasts subscribed to so far (Mark Driscoll, Alistair Begg, my home church's Wednesday night service). If you have any you like, lemme know.
8. Getting up on time and getting to work early. Puts the whole day in a good light.
7. Nick Hornby's newest novel, "A Long Way Down." It's no "High Fidelity," but it's okay. And "okay" for Hornby is better than "good" for most other writers not named King or Coupland.
6. Chipotle burritos. Bad for the diet; good for the tummy.
5. It's almost fall; which means, it's almost not unbearably hot. Looking forward to that.
4. New digital cameras that will enable more pictures shared with blog readers. You betcha.
3. The new Skillet album. Their best one ever. Seriously.
2. Birthday dinners with family. It's a good time.
1. God will lift up your head.

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