Thursday, October 05, 2006

It's All Over Now, Baby Blue

Okay, friends, here's what's shakin down.

I got an institution-wide email from my current place of business, informing all employees that they are cracking down on internet usage due to high bandwidth issues. (Yeah, right.)

This means that, effective tomorrow, I won't have access to sports sites (sayonara, ESPN), online music sites and players (so long, Pandora and AOL), online media players (buh-bye, YouTube), personals and dating (nice knowin ya, MySpace), online games, real estate, and other things.

Undoubtedly, their internet sting will catch Blogger and all my lovely TV/Smallville/Cubs pages in its web, too.

So, this may be my last transmission for a while.

If it turns out Blogger has evaded their grasp, I'll give you the all-clear tomorrow, when this horrible lockdown takes effect. Otherwise, it will be the occasional audio post until I can make other arrangements for myself.

Until now, internet at home has not really been an option, for various reasons. Now, it may become a necessity. Yes, I said it, a necessity.

So, for the time being, farewell, my friends and comrades. Keep fighting. The blog revolution is far from won. Don't let the Man get you down.


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