Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Thanks for your input. (UPDATED)

I appreciate all of your thoughts on the "reader poll" question. (If you haven't yet answered, go ahead and comment.)

To clarify, the reason I ask is because I'm considering a part-time career as a black-market arms dealer, and I'm looking for a way to justify it morally.

I know there are probably other less-morally-troublesome jobs out there, but I can't help it--Lord of War made it look so friggin cool.

But seriously. Thanks, guys.

Clarification: Okay, okay. Just so no one has a hissy fit. The above is a joke. You know me. Funny Dave.

I actually am mulling over this question, because it looks like I have a p/t job offer that could possibly cause some concern. It's more in the "sales" area than straight retail. And I would have to "sell" some things that I wouldn't myself purchase for personal reasons and what-have-you. So, I'm going in to talk to the supervisor, and as long as certain questions I have are cleared up, I think I'll be good to go.

And to allay your fears and rampant imaginations, this job has nothing to do with the adult entertainment industry. Well, technically.

Again, kidding. Man, you kids are uptight.

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