Tuesday, July 25, 2006

In lieu of my audio post from last night...

...which, for some reason, didn't take (much to your misfortune).

First: My new p/t boss said she didn't expect me to really start in with the sales in the first week. Yeah, well, she doesn't know the Kid--or more importantly, she doesn't know about the Kid's God. Made my first sale last night, and a good one. HalleluJah.

Second: The walk back to the train from the theater is an interesting and (thankfully) well-lit one. There's one block that's a tad dicey due to lack of bystanders, but overall, a good little walk. Takes me past a few offices. Then I hit the block of clubs and restaurants that surround Main, and they were in full swing by the time I hit my homeward stride. Got seranaded by a hoppin' jazz club, the dulcet tones oozing out onto the sidewalk like hot molasses. (With no audio, you missed out on that.)

It's a good little walk. There are still lots of homeless folk around (it is a big city, after all, as well as a disaster catch-all), but I felt safe for the most part. And even if I'm not entirely safe, God is sovereign. And I wouldn't trade God's sovereignty for my safety, any day of the week.

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