Monday, July 17, 2006

Monday Linky-Dinky-Love

You know it, you love it, you want to bear its babies--it's PBB Linky-Love!!!

Here we go. Hang on to your butts:
  • How is it possible that I haven't been reading Mimi Smartypants until now?
  • I agree, Team Redd: That IS awesome.
  • Trav already posted this, but some of you silly folks don't read his page, so... Here's what is quite possibly the funniest "Whose Line Is It, Anyway?" sketch I have ever seen. Funny, because it's incredibly WRONG content-wise, it aired on the "ABC Family" channel as-is, and it stars Richard Simmons, the "Gayest Man in the History of the World" (TM). Enjoy.
  • One of my favorite internet films: Computer Boy. A hilariously profane Matrix parody. If you don't mind loads of bad language, and you have 45 minutes to kill, watch this movie, which was filmed in many of the same locations as the original, if I remember correctly.
  • A very-familiar sounding blog post about the dangers of book-buying. [h-t: probably Sheila; it sounds like the type of thing she'd link.]
  • Gene Wojciechowski says "no Cub is an island." Maybe, but we could sure use to unload that big load of an island with the freakin toothpick in his mouth.
  • Thoughts about the importance of "relevance" when communicating the Gospel. [h-t: Cent.]
  • My respect for Stephen Colbert is rising. Why? If for no other reason, he can quote the Nicene Creed really, really quickly.
  • A great post on rock badgers and Biblical interpretation.
  • A neat post about Billy Graham's recent crusade at a ballpark.
  • Speaking of ballparks, no matter what you think of McDonalds, you have to admit: this idea is pretty unique.
  • Wow. Turns out, some people really don't like Sufjan Stevens. [h-t: Pop Candy, I think.]
  • You wouldn't like the Apostle Paul when he's angry.
  • And what day would be complete without an editorial about men's underpants? (I concur with the conclusion, by the way. But that's more than you wanted to know, I'll bet.)

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