Thursday, July 06, 2006


Going through some trying times right now, financially. Having to make some difficult decisions, "be an adult," all that. And I've been praying for God to sweep into my situation on His white horse and save the day. Or something, anyway, so's I know I'm not alone in dealing with this.

[I keep forgetting that God doesn't do the full "white horse" bit until the very end of the story.]

In the mail last night, I got a refund check from a former creditor for $26.

Like manna. My daily bread, baby, ya dig?

And it felt like a divine Post-It note. God's way of saying, "Dave, man, I haven't abandoned you. You just have to keep trusting Me fully, and we'll walk through this valley."

Will the $26 make a huge impact on my situation? No. But I don't think that was the point. It's all about trust, and how sometimes, God bends down to give us a little extra encouragement. He knows when we're getting weak, and when our faith is failing, and He reaches out just to say, "Hey, I haven't forgotten you. You are always before Me. And Your deliverance is coming."

So here's my public praise: My God is faithful. And I am slowly, so slowly, learning to trust and believe that.

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