Monday, July 03, 2006

The PBB Cool Ten (7/2-7/8)

[Programming Note: I held off from last week's Cool Ten to try to do a vacation-picture-laden Cool Thirty. But the pictures have hit a snag, so we'll return to regular Cool-Ten-blogging for now.]

10. 30-51. Hey, we avoided getting swept by the ChiSox! Neat! Next up: Ugh. The Astros. Man, we could use some wins. Or a new manager. If forced to choose, I'd pick Choice B. But you already knew that. Friggin Dusty.
9. Know what starts up again this week? "Rockstar"! Of course, it's not going to be cool like last year's. But we'll get to see some Tommy Lee! Wait, why am I excited? *shrug*
8. Wanna be Jackson Pollock? Here ya go. Here's the trick: keep clicking.
7. Today on AOL free music? Johnny Cash, Pirates of the Carribean, and random boring stuff.
6. I know, this will get me made fun of, but still: Check out the last scene of the series finale of "Boy Meets World." I swear, I was choking up a little by the end of this. (Fine, laugh if you must, but I know Kelly's got my back--am I right, brother?)
5. This was funny. Adam Sandler movies--the basic formula. (h-t: Pop Candy, of course)
4. Saw a great but brutally violent movie this weekend: Green Street Hooligans. Think "Fight Club" crossed with "Snatch"...but about soccer (oh, excuse me--football) hooligans. If you can stand fierce violence and pervasive language, this one's worth your dime.
3. I'm going to finish "The Stand" today. I'm excited about this.
2. My little sister wrote me a letter and mailed it to me. She's 8 years old. I love that kid.
1. Happy Birthday, America! Many happy returns!

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