Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Brief RockStar Comments

  • I agree with Jason: Lukas needs to open up his throat, in order to be truly awesome.
  • I played the Zayra track and just listened to the audio, while working a little while ago. She's just not up to snuff. She couldn't hold the tough notes and ran out of air way too early.
  • Dana worked it. She's starting to get it.
  • As for Jill's "friskiness" with Gilby onstage...well, man, she's singing freakin' "Brown Sugar." Of course her performance is gonna be sexualized. That's the nature of the song. And she should have told him that.
  • While Zayra and Dilana took costuming too far, Toby should have had a tophat or a bowtie or something for "White Wedding." Not that they should be playing dress-up (clearly didn't work for Jill before!), but I mean, come on, dude, try a little. (Side note: Did anyone see the girl in the front row who looked like she was gonna jump Toby right then and there? Creepy.)
  • Phil--you can't sneer "One Headlight." It's a song brimming with earnestness. Lousy choice, dude.
  • I agree with the guys about Magni's "Heroes." He needed to stretch his arms out and plead with the back of the room. That song soars, man. Let it soar.
  • I just don't dig Ryan. I mean, he's good, I'll grant him that. But I just don't get excited when he sings. Dunno.
  • Dilana coasted this week. Her performance of "Time After Time" was good, sure, but not spectacular. Good thing the boys love her so much. If Dana had pulled off the exact same performance, they would have ripped her apart over it.
  • Josh Logan. You're done, dude. "No Rain" could have been rocked hard, and it would have been friggin' amazing. You completely blew it, man.
  • And Storm. Oh, my Storm. You rock so much. Hopefully, the lucky *badwords* you stage-dive onto next time will have the presence of mind to catch you properly.

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