Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Sci-Fi Fanboy Sing-a-long

It's official. We have reached "Full Geek-out Mode." It's enough to make Weird Al Yankovic wince.

"Last Episode Heartache"
(to the tune of "6th Avenue Heartache" by The Wallflowers")

The alarm clock rings, I knock it down
It's hard to rise, but i can't stop now
Because my world is about to crack
With excitement for, the greatest space attack

And the same black cape
That I once knew
Will be on that screen
Worn by Anakin,
Last Episode Heartache

I get home late, cuz I'm a workin' man
Make some Ramen, I got to eat,
It's time to go, find the line to stand,
To get good seats, before it begins

And the same black mask
That I once knew
Is on that screen
And it's Anakin
Last Episode Heartache

Now the credits roll up on that screen
There's Lucasfilm, and 20th Century
"A long time ago, a far galaxy..."
The trumpets sound, as the titles fly at me

And the same dark fate that pulled at Luke
Now pulls his dad, and it draws him in
Last Episode Heartache
And the Emperor orders him to kill
All of his best friends, oh poor Anakin,
Last Episode Heartache

(guitar solo)

Padme's a goner, but her kids break free
Mace Windu's a dead man, if you ask me
But ol' Luke's the new hope, for a rebel squall
And once he's a Jedi, he'll bring the old man's fall
I got the VHS, but not the DVD,
And now i know (now I know, yeah) the whole story...

And the same black heart
That killed Alderaan
Once loved Natalie
Until he lost his way
Last Episode Heartache

It'll take his boy
Killing off his master
To set him free
From the Dark Side's sway--
Last Episode Heartache.

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