Thursday, October 28, 2004

Why I Watch GMA

I watch "Good Morning America" as I get ready for work, for three reasons:
  • I've gotten in the habit of getting up late for work, so I'm usually out the door at 8:10 instead of 7:45.
  • The only palatable alternative is local news (yawn) or Joyce Meyer (who reminds me of Sherri Lucas for some reason).
  • It's the channel with the best reception on my cable-less TV.
Not really good reasons, I'll grant you. But outside of the "lean left" approach to the show (today's example--harping on the "missing" explosives while giving little play to the alternative explanations), there are some interesting things. Human interest stories. Entertainment stories. Soft news.

But this morning, I nearly choked on my glass of water (it can be done, stop laughing) while watching the end of an interview with Curt Schilling, the Red Sox pitcher who pitched with a screwed-up ankle that was bleeding through his sock. Nice. Here are my two favorite moments (transcribed from memory, so not exactly verbatim):
Charlie Gibson: So you were really a warrior in this series.
Curt Schilling: I... That word means so much more these days. The real warriors are the men and women in the Middle East protecting this country. I'm just...well...
Charlie Gibson: Well, you've really given us a great story, in a Series that may be one of the greatest stories in sport...


Charlie Gibson:
Well, Curt, [Curt's wife's name that I
just forgot], thanks for talking to us.
Curt Schilling: Thanks, Charlie. And I'd just like to encourage everyone to get out there and vote on Tuesday, and... uh.... vote Bush!

The look on Charlie Gibson's face was absolutely priceless. He sat there stunned for at least three seconds, with a stiff smile on his face. The kind of smile you see on the subject of a Friar's Club roast. As if Schilling as talking about Gibson's mother, and Gibson was trying to stay polite and affable.

I laughed for a good five minutes.

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