Friday, October 29, 2004

Hallelujah, grace like rain...

Thanks to the grace of God, you'll not be seeing the post that was originally going right here.

I wrote a scathing, angry, profane screed against the denigration of our allies by the Kerry campaign. I was furious with how the 138 people who were killed or injured, along with their families, seem to be irrelevant in Kerry's eyes. You know, since they're not a "real" coalition.

Anyway, I just finished this justified but scathing critique of his attitude toward countries who, just a generation after shaking off their own shackles of oppression, are sending their own sons and daughters to aid us in this cause.

And when I tried to publish, the message I got back was that Blogger was down for routine maintenance. When I tried to go back, I lost the post.

And God, in his wisdom, leaned down and said, "Dave, that post didn't help anything."

I replied, "I hate it when you're right. Sorry."

"Hey, no harm done. Just guard your words. Words are tools. Use them to build."

"Instead of tearing down?"



So no profanity-laced rant about how little regard Kerry has for the non-Western-European countries. Just a lesson in when to hold the tongue.

Have a peaceful weekend, all. Instead of praying that God puts your man in office, just pray God puts the right man in office, no matter who it is. I will be doing the same.

On Monday, my official endorsement and the logic behind it (probably no big surprise, but you'll get the more comprehensive 'why' of it). And some fun stuff too.

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