Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Brief Discussion of the Fall Classic

As a Cubs fan, first and foremost, I'm disappointed that the boys in blue are not in the postseason. But it's their own damned fault. As for Sammy's petulant no-show for the final game, I think that's reason enough to can him. I'm tired of his whining. "Oh, you put too much pressure on me. Boo hoo hoo." You're a friggin superstar, you whiny b***h. It's your job to carry the weight. That's why they're paying you the GDP of a small European country.

Speaking of the Yankees...

Ow, BURN. Yeah, they suck. Thank God the Sox didn't suck more. Down with the Empire.

The Astros. They got farther than anyone expected. I had all but counted them out through mid-August. I'm impressed. Too bad their pitching staff is suffering and their bats went cold. It would have been cool to see them in the Series. When my heart-broken (and slightly hungover) friend turned to me for sympathy on Friday, I just laughed and said, "Welcome to my world. Repeat after me: 'There's. Always. Next. Year.' "

So now we have the Cards and the Sox. And as much as I am a National League loyalist, I have cheered for the Red Sox because they're pretty much the Cubs of the AL. So rock on, Boston. The Cards suck.

(A final note: Someone raised the question recently as to whether Boston winning the World Series would affect the Presidential race. "If Boston wins, and Kerry supports Boston, does it help Kerry?" My response: "If anyone decides who to vote for based on a freakin baseball game, then we deserve whatever we get, because democracy is dead. It's all over.")

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