Monday, June 07, 2004

If you really want to cheer me up...

...any (or all) of the following would work:

Reality Bites 10th Anniversary Edition DVD: I've been waiting for this for a while. It comes out tomorrow. I'll bet Jess camps out at Barnes and Noble the night before, just to be the first in line.

Dark Tower VI: The Song of Susannah: Also released tomorrow. Have I mentioned how much I enjoy the King? Cuz I do.

The other five in hardback: Because all I have right now are the first four in paperback. I'm gonna have to break down and buy hardback for Book Five, since the paperback release isn't until next January, and I just can't wait that long. So any help in this area would be appreciated.

Beautiful Girls (DVD): I saw this on TV this weekend (apparently, so did Lady M) and it reminded me how much I really really enjoy this film. So yes. Gimme gimme.

Last but not least: Just a namedrop, shout-out, or general encouragement. On your website or mine--either works. Just to let me know you're there. That always cheers me up.

But I like gifts quite a lot too.

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