Wednesday, June 30, 2004

First Post--Lunchtime Links

I'm trying to work up something interesting for this evening, so don't flake out and not come back. But in the meantime, I have a heapin' helpin' of fun links for you fun fun folks.

I found this cartoon's site from...somewhere. (As soon as I figure out where, I'll post the necessary credit.) It reminds me of a conservative "Doonesbury" cartoon. Maybe not as polished graphically, but I think it's pretty funny.

For those of you who despise Christian apocalyptic fiction (and rightly so), this parody will make you smile. And it's not as offensive as I expected it to be. I think the funniest part is that the writing style employed is dead-on. These guys could have ghost-written "Tribulation Force."

I plan on posting a Spiderman 2 review later, but in the meantime, the folks of McSweeney's have done it again--an open letter from a would-be hero that is almost as funny as the one from the garden gnomes.

Also for those who like funny movie parodies, Jen at Gennesaret led me to this page, which contains the latest Harry Potter adventure reduced to fifteen minutes of eye-watering, nose-snorting hilarity. If you've seen the movie, you will enjoy this immensely. (NOTE: This page does contain some bad language and naughty references--no, not THAT bad, but bad enough--so those of you who have not had your souls seared into callousness about such things had best not risk eternal damnation by reading it; but then again, if you've seen the movie, you're already going to hell, so no worries--you're too far gone to rescue. Thanks.)

(I was kidding about the "going to hell" bit.)

Did I tell you I'm moving? Yes, indeed. To the Medical Center area of Houston (five minutes from work) and within walking distance of Six Flags Astroworld (or "Astro-land" as the cool kids call it!). Wanna see? Here you go.

Guess that's it. More later. Right now, my chicken salad is approaching room-temperature. Time to eat.

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