Thursday, June 10, 2004

"I drove by at like 9:30 and saw your light on... were you working that whole time?"

I'm in a better mood today, readers. However, my present circumstances are not conducive for marathon posting, so the previously promised posts will have to be postponed or severely truncated.

...And since I promised, I guess I have to deliver. I can't guarantee the "clever/brilliant" bit, though.

Sunday School Ignorance: There was some discussion about the direction of the SS class in the context of the entire "Singles" department. (I'm classified as a "single." Ugh. Might as well call me Delnor.) I'm part of the committee working on planning out the new focus and direction of the class. Things aren't going well. We're meeting again on Saturday. But what angered me so was a comment during a side conversation the other day, in which some of the girls in the class started complaining about there being so many single mothers in the class. They didn't like how there were always little kids at the group events, and one even went as far as to worry what kind of impression a visitor would get from seeing so many unwed mothers in the class. (*GASP* You mean that people at church are...human??? NO, surely not!!!) It was all I could do to be civil from that point on. In the end, I was arguing that if the question was inclusion or exclusion, we needed to include as many people as are willing to come. The others in the conversation thought that single mothers should be giving their own special small group/class. "To minister to their particular needs." What a crock. I'm still angry.

Disappointing Revelation: Turns out Vibe-Girl was involved in this conversation. She came across as high-strung, easily irritated, and not really fond of children. Three big fat red flags. I'm let down a bit by this. But really, it just confirms what I have been thinking: there's nothing I should pursue there. *sigh*

Guess Who's Coming to Houston: Exciting news of the week--Josh and Tiffany Cain, the newly minted couple, are moving down here to the Bayou City to work at A.D. I'm so excited. I enjoy them quite a lot. The move is planned for the end of the month, which is fast approaching. So that's tres exciting.

"Dave, it's half past seven": Yeah, no crap. I'm still at work, kiddies. Probably will be here until after nine. Why, you ask? Well, the honest answer is I didn't get as much done this week as I needed to, and now I'm having to cram tonight, since I have the day off tomorrow. The hospital where I work is part of the University of Texas System, and considered a state entity. And the Governor said that state agencies are closed tomorrow for the National Day of Mourning for President Reagan. So I get the day off tomorrow--and all it costs me is a night spent fretting over unfinished projects.

I've been here for 11 hours so far. Gee--it's like I'm a high-school teacher again. Because, believe it or not, you CCCS brats, I spent 14 hours a day in that classroom, at least six days a week. And not a single one of you appreciated that. No, no, you just complained. Boo hoo, he's so hard on us. Especially you who just graduated. Grrr...

Sorry. Flashbacks, man. It's scary.

It's 7:34. I'm in my office, listening to Films about Ghosts. "Einstein on the Beach" right now. I'm starving. I didn't have much to eat at noon.

Okay. That's it. Raiding the snack machine.

Have a good weekend, kiddies. I'll talk to you on Monday.

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