Monday, June 28, 2004

General Nonsense

I'd like to take a moment to show some love to some folk.

I got to spend Saturday with my dear friend Trevor Taylor. Now, I've known Trev for six years, and he's still one of my favorite people, even if I hardly ever hear from him. And he's still just as cool as ever. So much love to Trev. You rock, bruddah. Oh, and since you've finally posted again, I'll resurrect your blog from the "blog graveyard" i've created, and put it back in the Known Friends list. Just keep it up.

But I didn't hang with Trevor alone. I also got to spend the afternoon with Amanda Proctor, a righteous chick in her own right. I knew her as an fairly familiar acquaintance before, but I'm getting to know her a little more each time i talk/hang with her, and she's 100% quality. Good choice, Trev.

So there's that.

I'd also like to send some love to my friends living in the Russian Federation 1 Time Zone (GMT+2). If you are who I think you are, paz y gracia to you and yours. You guys are wicked cool, and I look forward to seeing you on this side of the big pond, when you come back. You owe me coffee, after all. And if you're not the fun folk I know from past employment...well, welcome anyway. And you don't owe me coffee. Although, I'll accept it if you offer it.

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