Friday, May 07, 2004

The One with The Predictable but Satisfying Ending

As much as I hate to be cliched (ha!), I'll follow the presumed chorus of bloggers and voice my sadness at "Friends" being finally over. It's like Back-Cover Syndrome (a fancy name for post-novel depression).

The show was predictable, of course. But the story wouldn't have made sense if Ross hadn't ended up with Rachel, right? The overarching storyline is complete. It's like the brilliant series, Ed. If Ed hadn't ended up with Carol, the whole thing would have seemed to be in vain.

But yes, I was actually pretty depressed after the episode was over. It was like saying goodbye to actual...well, friends. I was disappointed to realize that I knew more about these six fictional characters than I do about the actual people in my life right now (but we've covered this before, haven't we?).

The good that comes out of this is that my ties to television are down to one--"The Practice" concludes in two weeks. After that, I can fully cut the cord. Because there's nothing on TV that will make me a better person, so why give it hours of my week?

But yes. Sad to say goodbye to the six New Yorkers I've enjoyed watching and discussing for the last decade. Hopefully, a decade from now, I'll be able to have a coffee with a group of flesh-and-blood friends that I know even better than I knew Ross, Monica, Chandler, Rachel, Joey, and Phoebe.

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