Monday, May 03, 2004


blessed are the petulant
for they shall be indulged
past their just due

blessed are the loud
for they shall be given
deferrence by the quiet

blessed are the braying
for their donkey-talk will be replayed
in conversation

blessed are the self-righteous
for theirs is the sole proprietary
ownership of heaven

blessed are the self-deceptive
for they will be pitied

blessed are the slackers
for they shall be called victims of bad luck
and poor training

blessed are the hypocritical
for they shall usually escape shame
when confronted alone

blessed are the self-indulgent
for they will never allow themselves to
lack any good thing available

blessed are you, when you become so
caught up in personal drama that you have
no perspective, and your so-called friends revile you
for being a blowhard and an ass;
for the television prophets and fundamentalist teachers
were treated with the same contempt.

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