Tuesday, May 11, 2004

"I am walking on a wire.."

Though I wasn't planning on it originally, through the generosity of my friends I was able to attend the Third Day concert on Saturday at The Pavillion.

Brief review: Great show. Good use of multimedia. Toby Mac (of DC Talk fame) opened the show, and he was great. Third Day was awesome. I really enjoy their stuff, and they played three or four songs from the new album, Wire, which was released a week ago. The title track from said album was my favorite of the show. They incorporated video elements on upstage screens that I imagine will be used in the video for the track. A great show. I really got into, clapping, singing, jumping up and down, dancing around a bit. Making a general fool of myself. Went barefoot for the whole show. We were seated on the expansive lawn, which is like stadium turf and incredibly soft.

There was a really moving presentation for World Vision, and their work in Africa. The band are big supporters of groups like DATA and World Vision, and they talked a lot about the responsibility of the Church in dealing with the AIDS crisis in underdeveloped nations. More on this in a few days, I think.

It was a great time. I would have preferred to spend more time than I did with a Certain Party in attendance, but that's neither here nor there.

I would like to add that it was this Certain Party who actually called me to invite me along. Which is a small thing, but it made me happy.

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