Friday, May 14, 2004

On the Road Again

Well, it's time to take this rolling wreck on the road. Which is to say, I'll be absent for the next...ten days or so.

I'm taking that great pilgrimage up Interstate 45 to points north, to wine and dine with beloved friends, and to celebrate the impending nuptials of my dear friends Josh and Tiffany.

I know, I know. I'll miss you too.

While I could sublet these perfect blue buildings to another inhabitant for the interim, I'd rather let this sad sagging site stand empty, so that you all can fill my comment box with countless messages of well-wishing and yearning for my return. (Example: "Oh Dave, how could you leave us, when we need you so! It's not the same without you! Please never leave us again!!!" and so on.)

So, I'll leave with this:

"May your life in this world be a happy one
May the sun be warm and may the skies be blue
May the storms that cloud your way
Clear the air for a brighter day
And may the saints and Savior watch over you..."

"Blessing" by The Electrics

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