Friday, May 07, 2004

Complete with Thick Black Frames and Clunky Shoes

I was itching for some good new music, so I wandered into the expansive CD/DVD section of the fresh-out-of-the-plastic Barnes and Noble down the road from my apartment (or "flat", for all you Continental types). And I picked up two albums that not only give me some gorgeous music to enjoy, but also greatly boost my sadly-lacking "indie cred".

Listening to only the recommendations from all you beautiful babies, and not having heard a single note prior to purchase, I picked up a priceless prize... Ohio. Hot damn. That is a great album. Thank you, all who have raved about it so much. I think it's the keenest thing I've heard in years.

Also, for more fun Americana/folk music, I got the brand new Grant-Lee Phillips, entitled "Virginia Creeper." Beautiful. The first track is still my favorite, though.

So yes. I think between these discs, Clem Snide, and my Elvis Costello/Marty glasses, I can safely claim a modicum of indie credibility. Because you know that's so important to me, two years post-college.

"You got some round wire frames at the junk shop,
They were your trademark at school;
Now they're barely hangin on, and the trends are movin on,
Hard for a man to stay cool..." --b.f.

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