Friday, December 05, 2003

Walking on the Razor's Edge

According to GQ Magazine (which, I admit, I occasionally pick up from time to time... don't look at me like that, it's not like it's Maxim or anything), the goatee is offically out. They described it as the craze from 1998 that just wouldn't die. They even pinpointed me with their descriptions of guys whose faces are "filling out" and are wearing goatees, in part, to give their faces more definition (i.e. "a chin"). They tell me that the people around me see through that technique.

I've gone back and forth on this. I've been wearing goatees since around the middle of my sophomore year at OBU. We're talking five years of goateed Dave. I have volutarily shaved it twice, and involuntarily shaved it twice as well (for plays...the sacrifices we make for our art, you know). But for a while now, the Dave "look" has been sideburns, goatee, and black-rimmed Elvis Costello glasses.

So now the question arises: Is it time for a change? At least as far as my facial hair choice?

This is the reader-participation portion of the blog. I'm going to let you guys vote on what I should do about the look.

Should I:
A) Leave the goatee and sideburns alone, Dave--why mess with what works for you?
B) Kiss the goatee bye-bye, but leave the sideburns
C) Goatee, no sideburns
D) Chop it all off, Dave, let your face breathe!

I'm keeping the glasses. You don't get to change that.

Here's the deal. I'll accept votes (maybe even alternate suggestions and grooming styles) until say Christmas, and whatever choice wins, I will do that for at least a month.

I know, it'd be more exciting if it included, you know, dyeing my hair green or shaving my head or something. But I've already been told that I'll be fired for green hair, and my head is too large and my scalp is too pale to make anyone look at it. Plus since I'm working at a cancer hospital, it'd feel kinda funny.

So vote. Really. It'll be fun. Okay, not fun, but not boring. Okay fine, boring--just vote, man.

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