Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Oh, what a Beautiful Morning...

Wow, did Dave just throw out the Rodgers and Hammerstein at 8:25 in the a.m.?

Yes he did. Cuz I feel good. (Refrain, kids, James Brown would appreciate it.)

No, really, I'm okay. Like all Counting Crows days, I felt it coming on, and let it pass through like a storm front. Now I'm okay. (But most of you already know this about me.)

But part of my unexplainable good cheer (I guess it's not really unexplainable) is that we have TWO, count 'em, TWO new readers this week. Neither of whom I know well. And I am thrilled to have them, because I respect both of their sites, and have linked them a la derecha. If you haven't visited Gennesaret and This Beautiful Mess, go now. No, seriously, GO. NOW. I'll wait.


*rolling a pen back and forth on the desk*

*leaning back and staring at the spotted ceiling tiles*


Okay, time's up, pencils down. Cool, no? Yeah, I enjoy them too.

So welcome, welcome.

Another reason that I feel okay is that...well... I'll explain in a bit.

Let's see. Happy New Year's Eve, kids. 2003 is over. Crazy. So tonight I'm gonna party like it's 1999. And in 1999, I usually stayed home and watched a video. Hoo-ah. No, seriously, Dave is gonna have a cozy little celebration, with some pizza and movie madness. And cake. Oh yes.

OH OH, that's news--I made cake yesterday! My first cake, ladies and gents, and it is FAN-tastic. And I even had a second opinion, who concurred that my creation was moist and delicious. Fun in the Kitchen with Dave, eh?

Um... I got tickets for my dad and I to go see the greatest living American storyteller, Garrison Keillor, on Sunday, where he will be performing the full Prarie Home Companion show with the Houston Symphony. That will be awesome. I'll let you know the going's on.

On a heavier note, in the "Sad but Anticipated" news category, my boss's mom has been seriously ill for several months, and it now doesn't look like she'll make it through to see the new year. Your prayers for their family are appreciated. I don't know if his mom is a believer. I don't think so. So that's sad.

Hate to end the update on a downer, but that is how it is. And is appropriate in light of my recent Bible readings. More on that in a bit.

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