Friday, December 05, 2003

"This is how it goes..."

A little Aimee Mann, anyone?

Hey kids. It's Friday, and I've successfully done practically nothing today, which is very very bad. I have a bunch of things I could do right now, but I figured I'd squeeze in one more post before the weekend.

Speaking of Aimee Mann, those of you who clicked on the link above might have noticed that she is rereleasing her stellar (bad pun) album "Lost in Space" which I recommend vehemently to anyone who asks me about good music. I'd certainly put it in my top five best records of the past two or three years.

Let's try that now.

Top Five Records of the Past Two or Three Years

(I do need to include a minor caviat here. I will have to limit this to albums *actually released* in the previously-stated time period. I have others that I'd put on this list, that I have discovered within said timeframe but are actually older.)

--in no order YOU can decipher--

1. Films about Ghosts, Counting Crows--I believe we've covered this.
2. Lost in Space, Aimee Mann--she's...beyond awesome.
3. Ben Folds Live, Ben Folds--as concert albums go, this one's my favorite.
4. Disc One: All Their Greatest Hits 1991-2001, Barenaked Ladies--there's nothing like goofy Canadien folk-rock.
5. Hard Candy, Counting Crows--unfairly panned by critics, this album is (granted) not their best, but even "mediocre" for them is still infinitely better than anyone else.

[Editor's Note: The preceding list was calculated based on airplay in Dave's apartment and truck, combined with songs going through Dave's head, and (in the case of the top entry) albums he is about to buy that are almost completely composed of songs he loves. This list cannot reflect all albums that may fit into the afore-mentioned categories, and this list (while strongly supported by the author) is (admittedly) whipped up spur-of-the-moment, for the sake of instant self-definition and music recommendation.) Thank you.]

What was I saying? I dunno.

I'm trying to decide what to do today. I may go see "The Last Samurai" with the Tom Cruise and all. But then again, I can probably wait to see it at the cheap theatre and save myself six bucks. It may verywell be a Blockbuster night for me... alone... again...

I rented John Carpenter's "The Thing" the other night. For all its dated Eighties goodness, it's still a pretty good flick. Especially when the severed alien/human head grows spidery legs and crawls away. (Totally not making this up.)

Oh oh oh, I rented a copy of "Simpsons Hit and Run" for the ol' Playstation. The game is a blast. If you have the resources and hardware available, go rent it. Good times for even casual Simpsons fans, great times for those of us who have seen most of the episodes.

I am continuing along in "Brief Interviews..." which is getting better, although I'm still a little distrustful of the author's role in all this. But he is a clever fellow, no doubt.

My boss returns on Monday. And the peasants rejoiced... "yay..."

I'm sad to see that no one is participating in my song lyrics quiz. You slackers. Guess, at least.

I'm about to crack open a frosty (actually, by now, luke-warm, IBC root beer, then finish a stack of work, and leave early to deposit my paycheck and pick up a prize I won in a radio contest a couple of weeks back. It's a three-pack of David Bowie CDs, including (I believe) a remastered version of "Ziggy Stardust..." If I'm not really excited about the albums, I'll take them over to Circuit City and trade them in for something. Maybe a copy of the Kill Bill soundtrack. Then I'll rent a movie, grab some Chinese, and head home for another night of single revelry. Which sounds really good, actually.

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