Saturday, December 13, 2003

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Part Three: "Are you familiar with Robbie's music"

The Accordians came back, and they played some more of Seth's songs, and a few others. I started talking to a guy next to me on the pew, about where I worked/lived, how I found out about Ecclesia, and how I know Seth's music. It was cool. Nice guy. Then, after a few songs, Seth looks over the crowd and says, "Hey Robbie, you wanna sing?"

And Robbie makes his way from the back of the crowd and comes on stage.

The guy I talked to, two or three times tonight. The guy who said he sometimes plays music with Seth.


As in, the Robbie Seay Band.

Man, I feel dumb.

Robbie sang a couple songs. The guy next to me asks, "Are you familiar with Robbie's music?" "No," I reply. "Actually, I've talked to him a couple times tonight, but never put it together who he was." The guy grins. "That's funny. Yeah, Robbie's music is AWESOME."

And it was. Robbie's got some pipes.

Finally, the set ended and everyone left satisfied.

There were more events, like how three people's cars almost got towed, and I was paranoid for about twenty minutes that mine would be too, until I went out into the pouring rain, and walked around the building to make sure it was there.

Overall, a good night. Five people came up and talked to me, asked about my job and where I live. That's more than any of the Baptist churches I've ever visited in my life, combined. The people seemed to really care and want to get to know anyone visiting. And I was really impressed by that.

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