Monday, December 08, 2003

Promises Made, Promises Kept

We do indeed have a winner in the impromptu poll question: in which Counting Crows song do you find the lyric, "If dreams are like movies/then memories are films about ghosts"?

The answer is, "Mrs. Potter's Lullabye" on the album This Desert Life.

The winner is, Ms. Jesika Moore.

Lemme tell ya a little story about a girl named Jess.

Born in the frozen tundra of Siberia, Jess survived until she was two by suckling a she-wolf whose youngest cub died falling off a cliff. It was at this time that Jess was discovered shivvering in a cave by a roving troupe of circus performers, whose train had nearly derailed while circumventing the nearby mountain. These circus performers took little Jess in, taught her to speak three languages, and used her in their act, as the newest member of the Tightrope Act. For ten years, Jesika walked the tightrope, astounding the frozen, starved audiences of the Eastern Bloc. Until finally, the Iron Curtain fell, and Jesika caught her first glimpse of the Free World. Okay, it was Austria, but it was free, and freedom was fine. When she was fourteen, she ran away from her circus performer community and fell in with a troupe of travelling minstrels who played at every dive up and down the blue Danube, for gas money. Eventually, at the tender age of sixteen, Jesika made it to France, then England, then on the big plane to America, where she ended up going to school at OBU when I met her. She had scored a 1580 on her SAT's before entering college and was on scholarship, studying molecular biology, until I talked her into being an English major. She was in a couple of my classes, and we had several mutual friends, especially among the Theatre Department which she fell in with also ("falling in with groups of artists" being the general theme of her adventures). Finally, the yearning for frozen wasteland overwhelmed her, and she left school to travel to Sioux Falls, South Dakota, where she has staked her claim on the tundra, and makes her way, through hardwork, determination, and the paychecks from Marshall Fields that pay the rent.

What drama! What intrigue!

What b.s. Okay, here's the real post. Jess is a cool chick who, while she hasn't made the best choices in guys (sorry, girlie, but it's true), still has great taste in the things that really matter (music, books, friends). And her getting the question of the week right is proof of this. The true elements to the previous paragraph: She lives in Sioux Falls, although she promises to finish college and get her oh-so-useful English degree. And soon, she'll meet a nice boy who doesn't suck and things will settle themselves out.

So props to you, Jess, for the correct answer, and you're awesome.

So there you go, tribute post to contest winner--done.

Postscript: We (the management) would like to also thank Kara Deann ("the ruling diva of Oklahoma") for not participating, as it wouldn't have been fair to anyone else. Thank you.

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