Wednesday, December 03, 2003

"If dreams are like movies, then memories are films about ghosts..."

In keeping with the theme, I wanted to make a blatant plug on behalf of my favorite band.

You may not be aware, but Counting Crows has just released their first "Best of" album, entitled "Films About Ghosts." I has some of my favorite Crows songs (but how can it have all of them, when they are all your favorite?).

If you are not a "fan", if you've never purchased one of their albums, if you have never even heard one of their songs, I highly urge you to pick this one up. I personally guarantee that there will be at least one track on there that you will love. Probably more, but at least one.

I'm the type of fan that owns all four studio albums and the two-disc live album, and will still go out and buy this one, just for the three new tracks on it that I don't have. And I've never done that for any band before.

In my estimation, the Crows are the greatest band to come out of the nineties, and one of the best ever. Not because they're "ground-breaking" or "highly influential" but because you get a glimpse of their heart and soul in every single song. And that is what music is about.

(BONUS GAME: The first one to name the song where the lyrics in the subject line above are found, will get an entire post dedicated to how cool they are, as well as a link to their personal (or favorite) website at the top of my snazzy List 'O Links.)

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