Friday, December 17, 2004

Tales of Horror and Trauma...

I went to the dentist yesterday. Whew-boy. Bad news.

I had a cavity in the very back molar of my upper-right jaw. I also have a spectacularly sensitive gag reflex. So you can imagine. The filling "process" was torture.

I got four, count 'em, FOUR needles to "numb the pain" for the next part. My question is, what was supposed to numb the pain of the needles. My gums are still sore. My teeth don't hurt at all, but my gums are killing me. I think the last one, directly into the roof of my mouth, was a 20-gauge or so. I can still feel the puncture wound with my tongue.

Lastly, and least painfully, was a root extraction. Damned broken tooth. But at least it didn't hurt at all. Bled like crazy, though. For hours.

As a playful counterbalance to the agony of the dentist, I also had a physical at the doctor's office. My doc is a rather cool guy. Did the whole bit--chest-thumping, breathing, turning of the head and what-not. The best news of the day is that my blood pressure is actually...normal. I almost had them check it again. Normal? Are you kidding me? It's been high the last three times I was in there. And now it's almost normal. 120/84. Holy crap. Way to go, Dave.

My resting pulse is still high, though. And I'm sure my cholestorol, et al., is probably through the roof; I'll get the lab results back in a week or two.

And the blood draw took only one jab to get, instead of the EIGHT it took last time (two in the left arm, three in the right, two on the left hand, one on the right). So that was extremely exciting.

All in all, Dave appears to be in decent health, weight problem aside. So that's good news. And once I can start eating solid food again, I'll be in better spirits.


Okay, okay, file this one under "TMI."

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